U-Boat replica Watches

Italio Fotana, the founder of U-Boat watches, was born in 1965 in Lucca, Italy. Being born so recently, the watch company he founded, U-Boat, doesn’t have the many decades that some of the other watch companies do. However, this does not mean at all that he is un-experienced or that his watches aren’t up to par. The wearable timepieces he has designed are nonetheless still works of art and extremely well made. He may not have had the time and history behind him as a company, however, he more than makes up for time lost with his legendary watches.

U-Boat Classico replica

U Boat Classico replica WatchWith a general theme of bold and striking throughout this particular model’s various designs, this timepiece has been designed to inspire awe. With a large, round face and a steel case, this watch has details that are truly stunning without being overdone. The watches’ makeup includes larger, stand-out numbers and basic yet prominent colors.

The colors used include black, white, sterling silver, darker-toned steel, brown leather, and black leather. There is also an element of luminescent material that is used quite often not only in this series but the entire collection. It is used both as a lighting for the hands in dark places and as a background for the dial to really light things up. Though there isn’t a great variety of coloring, the way in which they are combined is what truly makes them special. There are too many variations to mention, but they are all beautiful, striking, and classy. The automatic movement sets this artwork into motion and will keep it running for longer than you’ll ever need it.

replica U-Boat Thousands of Feet

Stronger and even bolder, but in a more edgy way, the Thousands of Feet collection by U-boat has reached a new height in the designing of watches. Truly shocking in a way that is delightful, the watches in this collection have a very strong appeal to them. With a case that thinks and adorned with screw details, this replica watch has so many things about it that would make heads turn.

Many of the different sub-collections in this category employ the use of not only bold design but bold colors as well. Mostly, the dials are black and uninteresting. However, when augmented by the contrasting colors and bright whites, the entire look gains a stunning quality to it that could only be achieved by Italo Fotana of U-Boat replica. Put into motion by an automatic movement, these watches truly come alive. The daring color and strong shape come together to complete this edgy yet wearable replica watch.

U-Boat replica Flightdeck

Like many of replica U-Boat’s collections, the use of striking and pop-out color is used in the Flightdeck collection to accentuate a simple and yet stunning base design. With an automatic movement, the watch’s colorful, or bright white, hands are placed in motion. They move around the black dial and let you know the time on the bold and contrasting numbers.

This oversized watch is made to be seen, yet the thinner bezel and subtle case let the replica watch be noticed in a good way instead of for being garish. The common use of yellow, orange, white, and other colors along with the often solely black or black with silver or steel casing and dial makes the replica watch stand out and still be quite classy. The vast bold and modern appeal this watch has makes it great for the stylish and outgoing people out there, yet the modest design makes it great for even the timid. Basically, everyone can enjoy this replica watch, no matter who they are.