Rolex Submariner Three Blue Watches Replica

Replica Rolex Submariner has since become the iconic design of the brand. It has a very high reputation among watchmakers worldwide. For fans of Rolex Watch Replica, blue has always been a very desirable color. Below you can see the three classic Blue Submariners over the years.

Replica Rolex Submariner16613

The Submariner16613 Replica watch is a smart combination of beauty and design. The combination of the best of both worlds has caught everyone’s attention. The case and bracelet of the 16613watch are made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable. The bezel is surrounded by beautiful gold that shines in the sun and shows its luxurious appearance. The metallic tone contrasts sharply with the blue dial.

Rolex Submariner16618LB

16618LB was launched two years later in 1990. With the same housing, even under the controversial lens above the date window at three o’clock. The blue dial of Maxi still has slim hands. At the three o’clock position of the dial, there is a window with the date and a magnifying glass on it. Clear and easy to read when used.

Oyster bracelets have also been modernized. The 16618LB bracelet has a sturdy end and a central link, which adds a real sense of sturdiness, while at the same time the most refined design of all functions is the Glidelock clasp. You can adjust the size by wearing it around your wrist, which is very simple.

Rolex Submariner116619

Replica Rolex Submariner116619 has a luxurious appearance and versatility and is the model of the world’s most popular diving watch Replica. Due to the Oyster housing and Triplock crown, the 116619 is water-resistant to 300M. And it can accurately observe the dive time.

Submariner 116619 is made of Rolex’s own metal, so it is very strong. Model 116619 is powered by a 3135 automatic mechanical movement. And the 3135 movements are equipped with a patented Parachrom balance spring, which can resist external damage so that Replica watches maintain very high accuracy.

Replica Rolex Submarine is generally the most iconic watch ever. These three watches are the most popular models. If you have a replica watch that you like, click replicamagic.

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